Catskill Mts. Trout Unlimited Annual Christmas Party 6:15 PM * December 17, 2015

Another year is fast coming to an end and it is time to reflect on fishing experiences and camaraderie. Our get together to celebrate the Holiday Season is again at the Fair Street Reformed Church in Kingston. Party begins at 6:15 PM Thursday and we look forward to you being there. As we always do, we ask you that you consider an item to the party in the form of a food item or desert. The chapter furnishes a cold cut platter, cheese, condiments and breads. We usually have some terrific baked beans and chili. Sodas and coffee are already committed to the party. If you have any thoughts, please contact me at: or 845-339-5938.

As we always have, there will be some bucket raffle items. Should you have anything to contribute toward the raffles, contact me for pick up prior to the meeting night or let me know in advance you will bring something that night. Remember that the raffle helps us make a donation to the CIA Scholarship Fund for up and coming chefs of the future which Fritz oversees.

Need I say more about the guest we are always fortunate to have? What would our party be without the demonstrations of culinary delights presented by Master Chef Fritz Sonnenschmidt. He never fails to delight the audience of men and women. He’ll answer any questions you may have for the coming holidays about food recipes and items for your own get together with family and friends. His demonstration this year will consist of:

Trout Cordon Bleu (Trout stuffed with Boursin cheese and breaded, pan fried)
Sautéed Swedish Cucumbers and
Kaleidoscope fritters (zucchini, carrot, parsnips and potatoes).

Finally, I will be turning over the leadership to the newly elected officers which includes as the chapters next President Andrew Higgins taking office in January. He/they will need your support and participation as a new adventure begins in the history of the oldest running TU chapter in NY. I want to thank all of you for bearing with me in my second duration as your President. I will remain the chapter treasurer for the next year or so and be there to assist in the transition. It has been my privilege to be your president and for all that I have met and shared your camaraderie through the years since my joining in 1993. I wish for all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
Ron Urban, President

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