Volunteers Needed – AWSMP Family Fun & Fish Day, Oct 1

AWSMP Family Fun and Fish Day was rescheduled to Saturday, October 1st from at Kenneth Wilson State Campground (859 Wittenberg Road, Mt. Tremper, NY). It will be held from 11:00am to 1:30pm

AWSMP is seeking volunteers for this event. AWSMP will cover the cost of entering the park and will be provide a free BBQ lunch! NYSDEC will be on hand to provide fishing tackle and bait.
This is a great opportunity to see that happen and to teach some basic fundamentals of the sport. If anyone has any questions about the event or wish to volunteer, please contact: Brent Gotsch, AWSMP (845) 688-3047 ext. 3 or bwg37@cornll.edu

Event Flyer:  family-fun-and-fish-day-2016-flyer_new-date

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