January Newsletter

Catskill Mts. Trout Unlimited

Meeting Wednesday January 19, 2011

Gander Mountain Lodge, Kingston

Meeting- The Regular Meeting will begin at 7:15 PM. A tying demonstration will be by Ryan Williams of the chapter as he prepares for his winning trip to Patagonia in a few weeks. Ryan will demonstrate two flies, the Fat Albert’s (larger size) and Charlie Boy Hopper. An expert tyer he is one to not miss. Afterwards a quick regular chapter meeting will begin at about 7:15 PM. Following that, we will have two representatives to talk about issues with the current media articles on the Esopus Creek. Amanda LaValle is the Director of the Department of the Environment for Ulster County.  Liz Higgins is the Program Coordinator for the Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County. Amanda will be able to talk about what is happening with the Lower Esopus.  Liz will talk about the projects that they are working on in the Upper Esopus particularly that deal with the turbidity situation.  Let’s welcome them and show our concerns with courtesy and respectability.

The Fly Fishing Show- January 21st, 22nd and 23rd in Somerset, NJ- This annual event is a great show to learn and pick up new ideas in the industry by some of the world’s best tyers including several from our area. You can also to see retailers, new equipment and possibly meet old friends. Also, there are seminars, tying classes and book signings authors that will be there to answer your questions or help you with innovative ideas. It is on Friday, Saturday and next week in Somerset, NJ and is held at the Doubletree Hotel at the Convention Center. For more information and directions you can go to http://flyfishingshow.com/Somerset__NJ.htmlShow Hours: Fri 10 – 6; Sat 8:30-6:00; Sun9-4:30. Admission: Adult: $15 for one day, $25 for two-day pass, $35 for three-day pass. Every year this show is the largest all fly fishing show in the world, but this year it’s not unfair to call it the best, too. Just consider that the exhibit hall is packed with industry manufacturers, the largest dealers, the best guides and lodges in fly fishing, great artists,  nearly every fly tying material invented, all the books and DVD’s, and all the best rods, reels, lines, waders, and accessories the sport has to offer. They’re all here for you to try and buy. Why not get a few friends together and carpool down next week?

Conservation Committee- During some of my time off, I have been looking at some of the training materials on the TU National web site to help me generate some ideas as conservation chairman.  So far limited out reach for volunteers has not generated a working committee and therefore it has not got started. As Chairman, I plan to be more proactive in 2011.There is one presentation in particular I found very interesting. It was put together by a chapter in Wisconsin.


It may be a good topic/ presentation for a monthly chapter meeting to kick start interest and activities for the chapter. I’ve learned that we are a proud and past, very active conservation chapter and I want to lead us back to that respectability in the future. I do need help and committee members to do so. I’d like to challenge everyone to try to participate in one work activity per year and doing so, I think we could accomplish a lot in 2011.  Contact me or talk to me at the meeting. thoover@hvc.rr.com Ted Hoover, Conservation Chairman

Newsletter- Some of you receive this newsletter by electronic emails. Others still receive by regular mail. We would like to streamline the newsletter to as many email addresses as possible to save on rising postage costs. The monies saved could be used for more conservation work or activities. Therefore, I am asking all of you at this immediate time to send me an email with your name and email address so you can be added to our list. Only those needing regular mail then will receive a hard copy. To get on the email list and help your chapter save mailing finances, send to me Ron Urban at: Ronsgonefishing@aol.com If you get both ways this message, then also send me your name and email address so you can be removed from the regular mailing.

Chapter Receives Award– On December 16th, Chapter President Ron Urban, received from Ulster County Big Brothers and Big Sisters the 2010 Ulster County Community Service Award. Presenting the award to the Catskill Mts. Chapter for continued support by staging Fishing Days each summer for the organization. Several kids were actually in attendance at the awards presentation and expressed their enjoyment and gratitude to the chapter. As the President, Colleen Mountford, made the presentation she stated that it is the most sought after activity each year and that the children ask in the spring if the date has been set. Many Thanks must go to other chapter members that through the years have paid an important role in the success. Pat Mulligan, Frank Baker, John Janso, Ron Urban, Ted Hoover, Jim Littlefoot, George Fischer, Harry Newton and Tom Emerick who now resides in AR. If I forgot anyone, my apologies. They were assured that we would be there again in 2011.

New Website in Progress– We at CMTU are inviting you to register at our website. This will help us reduce the time and costs of mailings, greatly increase everyone’s ability to share news and events, stories and tips. The forum is running and active, there are postings of scheduled meetings, local news, and a growing selection of links to peruse. The website is iphone friendly!

Here’s How: Go to www.cmtu.org . On the right half of the page you’ll see User Interface, click Register and enter your name and email. Use a name you feel comfortable posting comments with, and will be recognizable for us to speed approval.

A message will be sent to Frank Baker, who will approve registration as soon as he can. After that you’ll get an email including your login information. Please take a minute and review your settings under Site Admin and change your password, and then take a few more minutes to get to
know the site – we’ve already done quite a bit of work on it! Feel free to contact Paul Cowell at cmtu@paulcowell.com or Frank Baker at; frbaker@thorcs.com.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you at our meetings and online!

Weather Related Cancellations- In case of possible weather conditions preventing a meeting, contact Ron Urban, President at: 845-339-5938 or at Ronsgonefishing@aol.com to find out if a cancellation is in order. Also, we will notify Gander Mountain of our cancellation for that meeting night.

Tying and Fly Fishing Classes- We are planning these classes to see if we have students. Tying will be held at Gander Mountain Lodge and the Fly Fishing Schools will be held at UCCC when schedules are determined. As always, able qualified staff from the chapter will instruct both classes. Look for more information later. If you know anyone interested in either class, contact either Bob Sills at 338-4292 or Ron Urban at: Ronsgonefishing@aol.com or 845-339-5938.

11 weeks until Opening Day

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