CMTU January Meeting and Elections Wednesday, January 15th Courtyard Marriott Kingston 6:30-8:30PM

Guide Rylie Lake to Speak at the January Meeting

Guide Rylie Lake will be our speaker at our first meeting of the new decade.  Rylie is a guide on the Delaware System, and was recently featured in The Land of Little Rivers, a movie about fly fishing in the Catskills  which also featured  CMTU’s own Bert Darrow.

The Delaware River is the premier trout stream in the Eastern United States, so come and hear Rylie unlock its secrets.

You can also get some tying tips from Rylie on the DirksOutdoors channel on YouTube. Just go to YouTube and search “Rylie Lake.”

Election Notice

Our annual election will be held at the January meeting. These are technically our 2019 elections, but we had to postpone them because the November meeting was cancelled.  The following officers’ terms are ending:
President:         Ted Hoover, President (Jan 2018- Dec 2019)
Vice-President: Andrew Higgins, Vice President (Jan 2018- Dec 2019)
Treasurer:        William Strugatz, (Jan 2018- Dec 2019)
Secretary:         Ryan Williams (Jan 2018-Dec 2019)
Ted Hoover, Andrew Higgins, and William Strugatz will be standing for re-election. Ryan Williams, having completed two consecutive terms as Secretary, is not able to stand again. Christa Whiteman has volunteered to stand for Secretary. (Thanks, Christa!)
In addition, Anne Bloomfield and Mike Malloy’s terms as Board Members are up. Both are standing for re-election.
So here is the slate for officers and board members put forward by the Nominating Committee:
President:         Ted Hoover
Vice-President: Andrew Higgins
Treasurer:        William Strugatz,
Secretary:         Christa Whiteman
Board Member: Anne Bloomfield
Board Member: Mike Malloy
Finally, thanks to all the volunteers who put in time making the chapter work, and a special thanks to Ryan Williams for his dedication and hard work as chapter Secretary over the past four years.

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