Chapter Meeting Wednesday September 18th, 2019, Marriott Courtyard, Kingston NY, 6:30 PM

Fall is here, and that means TU meetings are starting again. At our first meeting this year, Ryan Williams and Ted Hoover will talk about streamer fishing.

For many of us, fall means streamers, as the big browns are getting ready for the spawn. So just in time, CMTU members Ryan Williams and Ted Hoover will be presenting on streamer fishing at our September meeting. Ryan will introduce streamer fishing, moving streamers beyond a method of last resort/when all else fails, to recognizing when, where and how streamers can be applied to yield impressive results. He will cover fly patterns, stream conditions, gear selection, fish behavior, helpful gadgets, and recommended resources. Ted will focus on fishing streamers on stillwater. He will cover scouting locations,lines, leaders, files and techniques he has successfully used targeting trout on Adirondack ponds

Also, check out this month’s newsletter, with reports on the SPDES Permit meeting, the CMTU Women’s Initiative, an update on the State’s trout stream management plan, and lots of pictures of big fish!

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