Catskill Mountains Trout Unlimited : Tree Planting on Stony Clove Creek

In collaboration with the Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program (AWSMP) the Catskill Mountains Chapter of Trout Unlimited is organizing a tree planting project along Stony Clove Creek near Wright Road on Earth Day in April.

AWSMP has been conducting a multiyear project to halt bank erosion on the Stony Clove Creek

When: Saturday April 22nd

Time: 10AM – 2PM

Where: Streamside on the Stony Clove Creek (near Wright Road, upstream from Phoenicia NY)

CMTU and volunteers will be planting native trees and shrubs along Stony Clove Creek as part of as part of our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation ( The goal of this project is to plant along critical coldwater streams in the Catskill Mountain Region. The planting will help shore up the hillside along the section of the creek that has been repaired to shore up the bank and prevent future erosion.

This will be our largest volunteer event of the year for our chapter.

We are looking for at least a dozen volunteers to help. You are not required to be a member.

Jobs include: coordinating volunteers, planting trees, watering, registration table. Please consider taking one day out of the year to help fulfill the mission of Trout Unlimited.

Please join us and bring a friend.

Register at

*****VOLUNTEER info UPDATE 4/17/17   ******

Thank you for volunteering at the planting.

Here are some last minute details:

  • CMTU will be providing stacks and lunch for all volunteers.
  • There is limited parking at the planting location.  We will be meeting at AWSMP offices at 9:30AM to carpool to the location.    It is located at .  Here is a map and contact information for AWSMP office.
  • If you will be arriving later or plan to meet us at the site.   Here is a map of the location  and directions from AWSMP office.
  • Tools:   Please bring hand shovels, gloves, and pry bars if you have them.
  • Here is a list of plants. The plants are bareroot stock. I attached a schematic for your info. Plus a Bare-Root-Planting-Guide
    Species Seedling #
    speckled alder 100
    silky dogwood 50
    red-osier dogwood 100
    northern bayberry 200
    sand cherry 0
    swamp rose 50
    pussy willow 100
    silver maple 0
    American sycamore 0
    highbush cranberry 50
    butternut 25
    Total 675


For more information  contact:

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